1. The spread of ecological strategies across land plants, and in moving that understanding to world scale via measurable traits (what has come to be known as “trait ecology”). Current activities include models for coexistence of trait strategies, when trait-pairs become coordinated and when they do not, controls on geographical boundaries, and the importance of wood in nutrient budgets. (With Daniel Falster and others.)
  2. Ecological strategies across bacteria and archaea via measurable traits. (With Mike Gillings, Ian Paulsen, Daniel Nielsen, Josh Madin, Sasha Tetu, Lisa Moore, Jemma Geoghegan, Noah Fierer, Elena Litchman.)
  3. Dissecting total nitrogen: single-pass quantification of individual leaf proteins at geographical scale (with Steve Van Sluyter and others).
  4. Soil phosphorus and nutrient uptake modes across Australian vegetation (with Rob Kooyman)
  5. State-and-transition models for vegetation.
  6. The logic of “phylogenetically-informed” analysis of trait variation.